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I have purchased other writing curriculum/resources over the years, but this one has been my favorite! My students have responded so well to the mini-lessons and resources, and I love the structure of it!

Amy - 5th grade teacher

I found out about this resource from another teacher. She had one already set up. I was completely amazed of how well structured and engaging it is for the teacher and the students! I had no choice but to purchase this resource. I absolutely love it! Highly recommended!

Michelle - 3rd and 4th grade teacher

AMAZING! These videos are clear and concise. Before these mini-lessons, my students were very below average writers. During and after these lessons, they are skilled and CONFIDENT writers! One of my struggling learners today said “I wish we could keep writing!” when it was lunchtime. THAT tells you how engaging her lessons are.

Sarah - 3rd Grade Teacher

Holy Guacamole!!! This is by far the BEST WRITING RESOURCE I have ever purchased! Teaching writing is hard, and teaching writing to little people is even harder, but this is so fun and broken down into manageable steps without making you pull your hair out. THANK YOU!!!

Nadia - 2nd Grade Teacher

I used your program at the grade 4/5 level for a number of years, and loved that I could buy a middle school version when I moved back to middle school this year. While not completely the same, it gave me comfort using a familiar process and resource. Thank you for providing resources that cover such a wide range. My students are better writers because of this! One of my favourite parts of this resource is the access to rubrics, and ones that can be adjusted to suit my class. Fantastic resource!

Jodi - Middle School Teacher

Teaching writing is my weakness. I knew that, so spent my summer reading about it, exploring different resources, following blogs, etc. I purchased this one and I’m so pleased that I did. Not only is it teaching my students to be better writers, it’s helping me learn to be better at teaching writing. Thank you.

Rachel T. - Happy Teacher

I have been using this curriculum for about a month so far and a love it! Everything is set up in a way that makes planning a breeze. I also love that it is easy to adjust the lesson plans to make each day longer or shorter depending on how much time you have. I am taking a maternity leave later this year. It is such a relief to know I can hand my substitute these plans and she will be able to teach effectively without a ton of prep work.

Kelly - 2nd Grade Teacher

I’m British so usually quite reserved and not gushy at all but… oh my goodness this is a totally magnificent resource and I think I love you! Writing was always something of a nightmare for me, either I was niggly about it or the class were but I can’t rave enough about how your hard work has helped change all that. The kids love the work, it’s easy to follow and mark, and I really feel that I am actually teaching them something. Thank you so much!!!!

Michelle - British Teacher

We watched the videos before doing our interactive notebook, and it brought the learning to them “live!” It is way more engaging than just me talking them through it. The kids LOVED it!

Janine - 6th Grade Special Ed Teacher

I love this package! I am using it with my 4th grade RTI class, and they keep asking me when they can write. The way the notebooks are organized is great, and they can go back and reference any topic in writing anytime!

Sarah - 4th Grade RTI Teacher

I am SO happy that I purchased this the Writing bundle for G 6-8 and decided to supplement with the videos. Pam’s voice has a lovely “teacher” enthusiastic / “you’ve got this!” manner. The process is broken down into steps with fun graphics and provides a simple framework that she talks you through. Writing can be overwhelming. Teaching it to your child can be overwhelming. Through this video Pam makes it effortless. The light bulb went off in my children! If you are a parent looking to introduce your child to the writing process, or like me, fill in gaps and ensure your child has a solid foundation for further writing…do not hesitate!

Cathy- 6th-8th Teacher

The videos are short, but thorough. It grabs attention and the materials are so easy to understand and implement. Way to keep it simple and effective! I combined this with RRR raps for teaching grammar too. I love the models given along with posters and videos. I also liked the modeled essay. This let’s them see good writing. PRACTICE AND MODEL:) This took the headache away and it ties in figurative language and higher vocab. It’s truly a life saver!

Jean - upper elementary teacher

What an amazing trove of information here on the writing process! It’s got everything you need to run a writer’s workshop and the mini video lessons are super helpful as well! Highly recommend!

Aruna - Upper Elementary Teacher

This resource is amazing. Having scripted lessons as well as all of the interactive notebook pages is a game changer while teaching at home. Thank you so much for all of the hard work in putting this together.

Eryne - Homeschool Teacher

I started using this Interactive Writing Notebook with my 5th grade students in September. Their writing has improved from a basic 2nd grade level to a strong 4th-grade level in just 3 months. They look forward to learning a new mini-lesson and we are currently working on editing. They now read their own writing and recognize where they can make improvements. Peer reviews are helpful to the reader as well as the writer. This is a huge step in learning!

5th Grade Teacher

Writing was a struggle for all of us, I could not teach it correctly, and as a result, my kids couldn’t correctly learn. I am so glad I bought this package! It’s like having a guiding hand every step of the way! Worth every penny! Teaching writing now is a breeze! I enjoy teaching, and my kids enjoy learning. I am so excited and amazed with this teacher’s work that I am currently searching for what else she is selling because I am sure it will be AMAZING.

Mamae - 3rd grade teacher

This has been a true time saver and life saver…and even though we are doing online learning, I have some students writing better than I’ve ever had before, and I have to attribute it to this amazing source! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shannon - 5th Grade Teacher

I teach a 4th-8th grade special day class with students at all ability levels. Your products make it so easy to meet everyone at their level so that they are all learning and feeling successful! Thank you!

4-8th Grade Special Ed.

I used the lessons as small group video lessons for my class, not every student was required to attend but I would always post the videos later for the class to view. I got lots of comments from students saying that they felt like better writers after each lesson and that the materials are easy to use.

Donna - upper elementary teacher

I have tried multiple other writing curriculums for my firsties, but this is by far the best one! My students are very engaged and retain the information thanks to the interactive component and practice worksheets/centers. Thank you!

Erica - 1st Grade Teacher

Rockin’ Resources Rocked it out of the park! I love supporting my purchase of the Rockin’ Resource Writing Program Grade 3. The children are engaged and I trust that the lesson is introduced and/or reviewed using these videos. I then add my instruction to continue with the content needed. This is a great purchase for the face to face classroom too. Five Stars from me!

Ingrid - 3rd Grade Teacher

Thank you for this comprehensive writing program. I have always found it difficult to teach writing to my students. My students all have specific learning disabilities and this has been a great resource for them and me. The quality of writing coming from them this is year has increased from the previous year. Thank you again!!

Alison B. - Teacher for Learning Disabilities

I use these videos for independent learning stations during our literacy centers. Students find them engaging and easy to understand. The author clearly and thoroughly explains the elements of narrative writing and models original examples.

Lara - 4th and 5th grade teacher

This product is such a time-saver! Quick, engaging videos about ALL my writing standards that I post into my LMS for students to watch once or multiple times. Thank you for taking the time to create such a comprehensive & quality product!

4th Grade Teacher

I love this resource!!!!! I been looking for a writing curriculum like this. English was not my first language and even though I am completely fluent in english in reading and writing, I still feel like my writing could be better and I want to give my students my best. The curriculum we have at my district does not go in depth in how to teach students how to write. I had bought books before on teaching writing but this was the missing piece. It has graphic organizers, teacher lesson plans, anchor charts and rubrics.

Estefania- 6th Grade Teacher

This is such a blessing for me!! I was most nervous about teaching writing, but these resources help give me confidence! Thank you so much!

Karrie - 4th grade teacher

This is one of the best laid out writing curriculums/instruction/lessons I’ve ever purchased!!! Looking at getting the higher grade level to use with my older daughter.

Danielle - 3rd and 5th grade homeschool mom

Thank you for creating this comprehensive resource! I love how everything is numbered and labeled. Planning has never been easier! My students’ writing has improved tremendously! Since the lessons are broken down into small manageable steps, my students have been SO SUCCESSFUL! I have kids who would barely write anything, and now they are writing paragraphs and essays! Thank you!

Shamika - 2nd Grade Teacher

This is so amazing. I have used it for the last two years and it has helped my students in so many ways. Scaffolding writing is so important and they love working with each other on their writing. I love that at the end of the year, they have a binder full of writing tools they can use for many years to come. Happy Writing!

Catherine - 4th grade teacher

I homeschool. My children hated writing. Until I bought this writing program. I now have Rockin writers, who love writing! I would recommend this Writing Program for any grade level. Learning to write is so important, because your students will use these skills all through high school to college and beyond. Give your students , or homeschool children the gift of learning to write! They will thank you for it!

Maureen - Homeschool Teacher

You are an angel! Not only is this a spectacular resource but my students are constantly engaged. I’ve never used an interactive notebook type resource before and I am sold! The children are learning without realising it and I have never had such success with narrative writing across so many students. I am pleasantly amazed. Looking forward to moving onto the other text types as the year progresses (calendar year in Australia). Thank you so much!

Mrs. N - Australian Teacher

I started teaching 4th grade writing last year. I love it but the program we have now- and the ones we have had in the past- are all over the place. After two years of pulling resources and checking things off to try to teach it all, and still missing key elements, I had decided that this summer I was going to sit down and basically redesign the whole curriculum pulling pieces I like from the programs we have used to make one that works for me. Then I found this Interactive Writing Notebook. Most of the work has already been done for me! I was so impressed with how complete it is that I shared it with our vertical writing team and now at least 2 other grades will be purchasing it as well. Now I only have to fill in a little bit and not redo the entire program. (Woo-Hoo! I will get some of my summer back!) Thanks for putting in the work!

Carmen - 4th Grade Teacher

This is by far my FAVORITE writing resource. Year after year it is my Go-to. I cannot thank you enough for creating this. It takes all the guess work out of teaching Writing. It has teacher scripts, examples, notebook covers/tabs, and students sheets along with task cards to practice the skills. I no longer have to search and search for different resources to supplement my lessons. This has it all. Thank you again for creating this comprehensive program.

Samantha - 1st Grade Teacher

I bought this product in the spring and spent time over the summer reading and prepping to use this fall. Hands down best product I have bought. My students love writing time and I do too! This isn’t an add on, it is truly all you need to have a complete writing program. Thank you for making writing instruction easy to understand and so engaging.

Allison - 4th grade teacher

I already had the Sentence and Paragraph videos. When one of my students was quarantined, I was struggling to get lessons recorded for her in all subjects. She was not able to be on Google Meet with us during lesson times. It became overwhelming. When I remembered these video lessons, I purchased the Narrative Essay set. It has been a real help to me. It was one less lesson I had to do prepare for her after school or on the weekends. Yesterday, when my voice felt like it was on its way out, I pulled one up and let Rockin’ Resources start our lesson. Every little bit helps and this was literally a sanity and voice saver.

Rachel - 4th grade teacher

Wow, this is amazing. As a first-year 5th grade teacher it is hard to figure everything out that goes into lesson plans while making them interesting and helping the kids develop the writing skills they need to survive. This packet literally lays everything out for you as the teacher including lesson plans, how to set up their notebooks, printout for the kids, and advice on how to present each module. It covers everything you need for a writing workshop for the entire year and can be used either as a whole class instruction or in small groups. I love this product!!!!!!

Stephanie - 5th Grade Teacher

This has been such an amazing resource for my 5th grade class! They came in as below-level writers and have struggled, but this resource makes writing fun and breaks it down into bite-size pieces. It’s easy for my English Language Learners and Special Needs while also allowing for extension with my GATE kiddos. The students have grown to enjoy writing and it’s so helpful for me in planning and developing how to teach writing concepts. All the mini-lessons are easy to prepare and teach and I can go back to them over and over again as needed. The students love the graphics and I love how interactive it is!

Ashley - 5th Grade Teacher

My son was assigned a narrative writing task at school. He was recounting what he wrote, which was very long… and that was only the introduction. While I had planned to use the mini lesson video to go along with the Narrative Writing resource, I pulled up the video to give us a crash course. And it worked so well! The video broke down each step of the Narrative Writing process. Instructions were clear and direct but also fun. The use of animated graphics to help demonstrate parts of the process made the information easier to understand. After each relevant point in the video we were able to pause and apply the lesson to the assigned task. My son was able to look at his Narrative introduction and edit it based on what he had learned from the video. I hope this review is especially helpful to parents looking at purchasing this resource!

Cathy - 8th grade homeschool mom

I am a teacher and I used this with my own kiddo. Overall students struggle with writing. It’s such a hard concept for little ones. My son that’s in kinder really caught on fast, and loved the graphic organizers. He has been able to successfully write a second opinion piece almost entirely on his own. He went from writing choppy sentences to make three random sentences, to writing a full opinion paragraph. I was so surprised to see how well this resource worked. Now, when I go back to work, I will be using this with my third graders because many of them are at this level in writing. Can’t wait to see how well it works for them as well. Thank you!

Stephanie- Primary Homeschool

What a great writing resource! Teaching writing can be challenging and having this resource made it a breeze. My students loved the interactive notebooks. Thank you!

Erin - 4th and 5th grade teacher

This has been a saving grace for me in my classroom! After implementing this in my classroom, my students have gotten so much better with their writing skills. (our current curriculum isn’t appropriate and asks too much with too little foundational skills.) I love that they have an interactive notebook to allow students the opportunity to find the answers to their own questions. It’s creating so much independence in the classroom and definitely increasing their confidence. So thankful to have found this!

Megan - 1st Grade Teacher

I spent a great deal of time looking for a solid writing curriculum. I chose this one because of it’s depth! It is an excellent resource for teachers who have students at different levels. It starts with basic sentence structure and works it’s way up! AMAZING! Pam is also a hard-working, dedicated designer who is ready to answer any questions or concerns you have promptly. Her work ethic is reflected in this quality resource! I highly recommend it.

Upper elementary teacher

These lessons, anchor charts and interactive notebooks are BEYOND FABULOUS!!! They are perfect for a homeschool teacher mom like me trying to fill in the gaps left behind from two years of COVID instruction. They are perfect for a new teacher or new to grade teacher. The lessons are scripted and very detailed. With kindergarten teaching experience, transitioning to the upper grades has been a learning experience. This product has helped me learn as well as my kids. Thank you for sharing your writing knowledge in such an easy to follow format. My kids are now able to write a narrative and follow the steps of the writing process. Skills all kids need as they proceed through the grades!

Vanessa- 5th and 7th Grade Homeschool Teacher

This is such a help for my 3rd grade students. The writing program that the school provides is horrible, NOT student-friendly in the slightest, workbook/worksheets ONLY, and out-of-date by at least a decade. This program is clear, easy to use and understand, and VERY student-friendly. I just wish I had found this earlier in the year! I bought the grade 3-5 bundle, as I taught 4th grade last year, and have no idea where I’ll be next year. The multiple ways that students can take notes is a blessing, as I have several on IEPs who cannot manage to take “regular” notes the way the others can. So I give them the fill-in-the-blank ones, or those already filled in completely, while the others take actual notes, without support. This program is so step-by-step, which is far and away better than the program the school uses, which has the students (and me) trying to figure out how to achieve our goals. I’m using your product instead of the school one. The kids ADORE the interactive notebook features, especially as they will cut/paste/and color at the drop of a hat. Having this in the program is WONDERFUL, as they became fully invested as soon as they realized that they would be able to do their 3 favorite things WHILE WORKING! There are times that they have so much fun that they don’t even realize they’re learning! Thank you so very much for making this excellent resource available. I only wish schools had the brains to purchase this for their teachers!!!

Rachel W. - 3rd Grade Teacher

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